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About Us

Janet Palmore is the founder and owner of WISE Risk Advisors LLC and a retired Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). She has over 23 years of experience conducting a comprehensive scope of precedent-setting federal and state investigations, including white-collar offenses, transnational criminal enterprises, public corruption, and civil rights violations. She has extensive trial experience managing multi-defendant cases in federal and state courts, excellent communication and interviewing skills, and a proven track record. Janet is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions from the Department of Justice, the FBI, and other federal, state, and local agencies.

In addition to her investigative background, Janet possesses many years of training, experience, and certifications in peer-support counseling, crisis response, critical incident response, and suicide prevention programs. She regularly teaches college courses on the topics of interviewing and crisis intervention. She is a keynote speaker and holds workshops on the topic of suicide prevention.

Memberships & Affiliations

Society of Former Special Agents FBI
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